The Elements of Taekwon-Do

The elements of Taekwon-Do are:


The practice of individual offensive or defensive hand and leg techniques, either on the spot or moving forwards, backwards or sideways.  Normally performed by the whole class in unison, allowing beginners to learn from more experienced students.

The Elements of Taekwon-Do: Fundamental Exercises


A sequence of offensive and defensive movements in a fixed and logical sequence against one or more imaginary opponents.  The complexity of the pattern increases with the student’s grade.  Pattern competitions are included in all tournaments, with performance judged on technical accuracy, power, balance, rhythm and breath control

The Elements of Taekwon-Do: Patterns


Utilization of offensive and defensive techniques against real opponents.  Two types of sparring are performed.

Step Sparring : Non-contact practice of defined fundamental offensive and defensive techniques over 3, 2 or 1 steps, with increasing relevance to self defence situations.  This allows the student to learn to judge distance and to understand the precise application of each technique to a self defence situation.

The Elements of Taekwon-Do: Step Sparring

Free Sparring : This is one of the most popular the elements of Taekwon-Do. Free-flowing continuous sparring without pre-arranged routines. Initially non-contact, followed by light contact when wearing full safety equipment (required for competition).  In competitive sparring extra points are awarded for more difficult techniques such as flying kicks which leads to exciting bouts

The Elements of Taekwon-Do: Free Sparring


The power generated by Taekwon-do techniques is demonstrated against specially designed jointed plastic boards or other materials such as wood, roof tiles and bricks.  The power test is really a test of both technique and the application of a positive mental attitude.

The Elements of Taekwon-Do: Power Test


A demonstration of agility by showcasing flying kicks at great height, over great distance or against multiple targets.  The heights and distances achieved by top exponents is truly impressive

Special Technique


In additional to blocks, punches, strikes and kicks, simple and effective release moves (from grabs) and options for defence against knives are covered in the syllabus

Self Defence